Did you know?

Do you know that we have over 34 different beauty products made entirely from natural ingredients?

Yes, we have wide range of organic skin and hair care products made entirely from essential ingredients rather than that chemicals that will give your skin that magic effect that will result in a super soft skin, brighter, clearer and even toned complexion.

The major inspiration behind our beauty products is to encourage the use of natural ingredients for the production of skin and hair care products rather than chemicals and with essential ingredients like granules including brown sugar, sea salt, Epsom salt, Egyptian pink salt, etc combined with suitable oils like olive, jojoba, almond, avocado or coconut oil that will help remove dead skin cells clogging out pores while also moisturizing the skin in the process.

We presently have 22 Skin Care Products including Coffee exfoliating scrub, Lemon exfoliating scrub, Cleansing honey, Cleansing grains, Herbal body wash, Local fresh soap, Clarifying body oil 1, Clarifying body oil 2 , Satin finish body butter, Brightening body milk, Brightening body milk 2, Brightening body milk 3, Hand moisturizing cream, Firming serum, Cleansing lotion 1, Cleansing lotion 2, Oil cleansing blend, Chocolate Mask, Lip soothing balm, Balancing face toner, Face cream 1, Face cream 2.















Each product compliments the other for best results, and together they attend to all your skin lightening needs, perfecting every area it touches!

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